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Related post: Date: Tue, pedo preeteen nymphets 16 Oct 2001 08:35:50 -0700 From: Bonnie Subject: Reading the MeterREADING THE METER by Bonnie (FF, inter, ws)The events portrayed in this story actually occurred. It contains strong language nymphet forms and explicit little tits nymphets descriptions of sexual activity. Please cover your ears and turn your head if this offends you.Please forward comments to READING THE METER The spring semester at college was drawing to a close, with just under four weeks remaining. I had been looking for a job to earn some money for tuition next fall, but was not really having much success. Most of latina schoolgirl nymphets the summer jobs available for women didn't really pay much and weren't very interesting to me, so I just kept looking. I had received several offers, and youngest nymphetts I knew that if I didn't land something nymphets naked gallery free soon I could always fall back on one of the offers.Sunday afternoon I was sitting at home in the living room looking through the paper nubile nymphets cp and nymphet strip gallery picked up the classified section. I had been scanning the ads for a few minutes when I spotted little nymphet gymna one that sounded interesting. The city was looking for people underage nymphets fucked to read ls nymphet xxx lola meters. Now that was an idea, I thought. Besides, the job paid much more than anything I had seen up to that point. The ad said to apply at the personnel department at city hall between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. nymphet models russian I had some free time on Monday maxwells model nymphet top afternoons, so I decided to go there the next afternoon and apply.If you've never beach nymphets applied for a job with the city, don't unless you're desperate. young nymphets cp I arrived there shortly after 1pm the next day. The office was packed with people. I stood in line for about 45 minutes and finally reached the counter. The clerk asked me for the job listing number, which I didn't know. She pointed to a large bulletin board near the front door and told me to go over there and take down the number xxx euro nymphet off the job announcement.I went to the board and had to push my way through the throng gathered around it. I located the announcement, wrote lovely nymphets password down the number, and started to return to the counter. When those in line closest to the little fucking nymphets counter saw that I was trying to cut in, several of them told me to go to the rear and wait my turn. So, I had nymphets sex ilegal angels to stand in the line all over again. After about another 30 minutes I was back at the counter. I presented the number and the clerk handed me an application and directed me toward some tables. filipina nude nymphets Now, why couldn't she have just handed me the form the first time, instructing me to get the number off the board and put the application nymphettes cum galleries in the nymphets fat girl basket when I had it completed? At any rate, I filled out the form and placed it in the proper basket according to the job classification of the one I was applying for.On Friday hairless nymphet tgp of that same week I received a call nymphets nude galleries from the personnel office informing me that I had been selected for an interview. I scheduled it for the following Monday nymphets cp erotic afternoon. The interview went very well, and I was offered a job as a meter reader, to begin on the Monday following the last day of finals.The first day on the job consisted titless nymphet of orientation and training. The male instructor was a little surprised to see two women in the group--myself and another, older woman. We finished the training about mid-afternoon, went to another department where we were issued our identification and equipment, then were told to report for work at 7am the next morning. I was looking forward to the job, figuring it would be an interesting experience and would let me be outdoors, which I liked.The first few weeks went by fairly routinely. I was attacked by a nymphettes Great Dane, who tried to lick me to death (oh, how I wanted her to lick lower down), I was reported to the police as a suspicious person lurking outside the house, I was threatened with bodily harm by others who suspected that I was there naked nude nymphets to turn off their meters, and I was actually bitten by model nymphet pic a little dog underground nymphet pay sites who had sneaked up behind me while I was reading a meter on the front parking area of the house. I wound up going to the hospital and getting a tetanus shot topless russian nymphets over that one. All in all, it was a ukrainian nymphets ru fairly dark thumbnails nymphets routine job, and nymphetes art pics I had many interesting conversations with nymphets little list 100 homeowners, and kids who liked to tag along for a distance.One overcast day rain was threatening. I had a short ukrainian nymphets preview route that day, fortunately. I came to a house which teen nymphets gallery was highlighted with asterisks on my log sheet. I had nymphettes sexy pics no idea what those meant. nymphet little butt The house was a two-story older house with a side door from the driveway. I went to the door, knocked and after a minute or two, a black nymphet model girl woman came to the door. free nymphets pussy When she opened the door, I saw top teen nymphets that she was dressed in a negligee. Ordinarily I wouldn't have thought too much about that except it was 1:30 in the afternoon. child bbs nymphets As I entered, I noticed that she was holding what I figured was some kind of mixed drink, because the woman reeked of alcohol and was having trouble speaking to me without slurring her words. I saw that her negligee was very thin, and I could see through it. I saw the areolas on her breasts and I caught a glimpse of pubic hair when she leaned back against the stair rail. She appeared to be about 35 or maybe 40 with a very well-developed body. She wasn't overweight by much, if at all. She was just a very sexy-looking woman. She turned to go back up the stairs, which led up to the kitchen, and I had to reach out and grab her to prevent her from falling. As she stood back up, she put her arm around me and nymphet model sites pulled me close to her to steady herself. I helped her up the young little nymphets stairs and into the living room, where I sat her down on the couch. As I turned to go nymphets flower nude back down to the basement to read the meter, she asked where I was going. I told her I was going to prepubescent nude nymphet read the meter, and she asked me to come back to the living room when I had finished.I returned to the living room after getting the meter reading, and she was lying over on tender nude nymphets the couch with one foot on the very young girls nymphets floor and the other one up on the couch. She was in a position that allowed me to see up her nymphette girls nightgown. She was not wearing panties, and I nymphets bald pics got a good look at her pussy. This woman was starting to turn me on!I sat down on the end of the couch at her foot so that I could continue to look at her pussy. She asked me if I would like something to drink. nymphets young naturists She said she knew I must be thirsty from all the walking I had to do. I accepted her offer of a glass of water and helped her get up. She was weaving some as she walked from the living room, so sex nymphets pisc I followed her into the kitchen. She was having trouble pouring the water, so I offered to help her. I went over and took the glass from her hand and poured the water from a pitcher. She leaned against me and pressed her body against mine as I drank the water. 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Her eyes traveled over my body, taking in all my curves and cracks. She said she cute girl nymphet liked nymphet nude model the way I had my pubic hair trimmed. Then she motioned for me to get on the bed with her.We lay there facing each other and started to kiss. Her tongue felt like it must be a yard long. I thought to myself russian nymphets topless that it was going to be glorious to have it in my cunt.As we kissed, she took my tits and squeezed them lightly and rubbed the nipples until they were erect. I decided to let her lead, acrobatic nymphets pedo and just lay there letting her do whatever she wanted. After a few minutes of fondling me, she got up on her knees and turned to face my paradise nymphet feet, then straddled my body. I had that beautiful nymphets model korean pussy in my face right where I wanted it. She didn't even have time to put her mouth on me before I very young nymphet model was devouring her. Her taste was very distinct. She had a somewhat sour and mildly acrid taste to her, and age nymphets under it spurred me on freenymphets I loved it pics little nymphets so much. I had her cumming in a matter of seconds, with me following close behind from the feel of that serpentine tongue. Our orgasms were punctuated by the roll of thunder as the rain began to fall. She just settled down on me, nymphets cartoon sex and we nubile nymphet child relaxed for a few minutes.After about little nymphets forum 10 minutes she moved to put her pussy little nymphets underground back over my mouth. As I leaned up to take it in, she suddenly began to pee on my face. I was totally unprepared for that, and I instinctively tight nymphet tried to pull my face away. She held me firmly with her knees, but after a second I didn't need to be held. 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